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Kresten Osgood møder Morten Søkilde

"Kresten Osgood meets Morten Søkilde" is part of a sparkling new concert series during the Copenhagen Jazz Festival in LiteraturHaus.

Kresten Osgood has established himself as a true legend in his field, and with "Kresten Osgood meets..." he has teamed up with 3 absolutely competent word-people.

We at LiteraturHaus are proud to welcome Kresten Osgood & Morten Søkilde.

The lyricist and artist Morten Søkilde (born 1974) is a Danish poet who has especially burned through with a particularly creative tone. Morten Søkilde has been compared to some of Denmark's greatest poets, and has published some of the most original poems in recent times.
Morten Søkilde graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2002, and the Writers' School in 2004. The published works of Morten Søkilde include "Morten Søkilde 1974-2003" and "Pan - a fable"
In 2010, Morten Søkilde received the Dan Turèll Prize, where the board reasoned that...

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Line up:
  • Kresten Osgood: Musik
  • Morten Søkilde: Ord

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