Daimi & Louisiana Jazzband

Soul Blues Vokaljazz Classic jazz DKK Almindelig 180 kr. / Studerende 120 kr.

Daimi celebrates her 80th birthday and 63 years on the stage.

Daimi is Denmark's most experienced soloist, still charming with her straightforward nature and captivating audiences with her personal and unique singing voice. Additionally, she will be sharing anecdotes from her long life in Danish show business on a down-to-earth level. And if you've ever wanted to sing along to some Danish evergreens with Daimi, you can do so when she invites you into her musical journey.
It was in 1961, at the age of 17, that Daimi performed in a TV competition in Centralmagasinet - ANVA in Esbjerg, where she sat in a tent and sang "Travellin Light." This performance instantly made her a household name across Denmark.
She recorded many popular singles and later became a jazz singer in Jørn Grauengaard's orchestra alongside Perry Knudsen on trumpet. It's this orchestra's sound that we also capture with Louisiana's jazz band. And of course, the traditional jazz repertoire...

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Line up:
  • Daimi : Vokal
  • Mårten Lundgren : Trompet  (Niels Jørgen Steens A-team, Tivolis Big Band)
  • Vincent Nilsson : Trombone (DR Big Band, Tivolis Big band)
  • Jesper Løvdal : Saxofon  (Ib Glindemanns Big band, Kresten Osgood Trio)
  • Per Møllehøj : Guitar   (Hugo Rasmussen Kvartet, Birgitte Sojiin)
  • Peter Federspiel: Bas   (Louisianas Jazzband grand old man siden 1968)
  • Ole Givskov : Trommer  (Ib Glindemanns Big Band)

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