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Andrii Pokaz (UA)

Andrii Pokaz is a Ukrainian pianist who works at the intersection of genres. Classical music, jazz and folklore are combined in his work and, with the help of the technique of a prepared piano, allow to achieve the effect of immersion and dissolution in music.

He fell in love with classical music but needed more freedom. Andrii passed through countless musical notations but chose the path of improvisation that doesn’t strictly belong to jazz culture, which is an expression of free creative thought and allows communication in the language of emotions and feelings, circumstance, and dialogues in the language of music. Therefore, his works is a unique symbiosis of different trends, styles, and genres of musical creativity embodied in the music and improvisations.

Andrii Pokaz performed with Karl Frierson, Sebastian Studnitzky, David Krakauer, Alabaster DePlume, Wojtek Pilichowski, Randolph Matthews, and others.

He gave concerts in a ...

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