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Anna Roemer "Blåregn" (solo)

On the opening night of Copenhagen Jazz Festival, you can experience Anna Roemer playing a solo concert in a unique setting in Brorsons Church in Nørrebro.
Anna Roemer has a special approach to her instrument and is a guitarist who insists that the guitar can do much more than the listener thinks and together with her jazz master and her pedalboard, she blows the boundaries of what a solo guitarist can do.
Roemer's focus is on creating soundscapes and sonic universes where listeners witness her patience, strength and vulnerability. Her works manage to contain several different moods at the same time. They are at once present and dreamy, gentle and insistent.

Anna Roemer debuted in 2022 with the album "Azure". Her second solo album "Blåregn" was released in March 2024 and received, among other things, six stars in GAFFA:
“Roemer's greatest achievement is in fact that she has managed to maintain a level - technically and artistically - throughout t...

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Line up:
  • Anna Roemer: Jazzmaster guitar & electronics

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