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Fredrik Kronkvist FKnWIRED feat. Natasha Otero

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FKnWIRED - This is an eclectic as well as an electro-acoustic band that brings the unique sound of altosax with effects and electric cello at the forefront. This rich sounding band is backed up with an energetic rhythm section displaying a modern twist of jazz and beyond. Cellist Natasha Otero from cape town joins world renowned alto star Fredrik Kronkvist from Sweden in his new group together with up-and-coming new talents from the contemporary beat, hip hop and jazz scene, Thiery Marzayne on piano and keys, Simon Peterson on bass and Christopher Hedén on drums. The band creates a colourful experience for the listener through exploring beats, grooves, rhythms and soundscapes from all corners of the world.

Line up:
  • Fredrik Kronkvist – altosax/effects
  • Natasha Otero – electric cello
  • Thiery Marazanye – piano, keys
  • Simon Petersson – bass
  • Christoffer Hedén – drums

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