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Dalia Valanciute Quartet

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Dalia Valanciute is a unique jazz vocalist on the Copenhagen jazz scene. With her soft and dreamy voice, she delivers captivating music in the most personal manner, making it truly come to life.
On the 3rd of February Dalia Valanciute released her debut album “Open The Door”. The album was recorded at the Village Recording studio and therefore has a unique and beautiful sound quality. It is a tender and sensitive album recorded together with strong collaborators consisting of Laurits Høgel (DK) on piano, Mariusz Praśniewski (PL) on bass, Jesper Lørup Christensen (DK) on drums, Donatas Petreikis (LT) on saxophone and Jesper Bodilsen as producer.
"Dalia’s passion for jazz is palpable, and she strives to convey the genre’s beauty and complexity through her music. With her outstanding voice and exceptional talent, Dalia Valanciute is undoubtedly a rising star in the jazz world." - Don's Tunes, 2023

Line up:
  • Dalia Valanciute (Vocal / LT)
  • Laurits Høgel (Piano / DK)
  • Mariusz Praśniewski (Bass / SE)
  • Jesper Lørup Christensen (Drums / DK)

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