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Maria Bertel 'Monophonic'

Monophonic is the name of the new album by Maria Bertel. As the title hints the album is a study of music played with 'one voice'. The amplification of the trombone mimics the effect of a magnifying glass, that let otherwise inaudible sounds be heard and brought forward. The compositions are long swathes of sound slowly developing, heavily inspired by drone and noise.

About Maria Bertel:
Maria Bertel Is a Danish trombone player, improviser and composer. The acoustic sound of her instrument amplified creates an output that draws inspiration from drone and noise music. What is normally not hearable is presenting itself, movements, metal and breath becomes a swirling part of her compositions. Changing organic patterns are emerging, tiny sounds becomes brutally clear as well as the range of overtones of the instrument.

She is one of five cofounders of the Copenhagen based art collective eget værelse founded in 2010.
Apart from her work as a so...

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Line up:
  • Maria Bertel - trombone

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