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With diverse sound colors and a sensitive blend of instrumental and vocal
arrangements, the musicians from KLANGLYS (which means, ’sound light’)
share their passion for jazz harmonies, rhythmic ostinatos and natural
With their individual backgrounds, they develop multi-colored and stylistic
sonic universes. Bandleader and composer Johannes Käsbach considers himself
a musical architect, where the music is built on a construct of each musician’s
character and notion of improvisation. His personal affectation for chord
instruments – ranging from guitar to violin – and the human voice, are both a
clear signature of his sound.

Making listening both, perceptible and tangible, this is what it’s all about for
Johannes Käsbach!
From the anatomy of the ear to everything that has to do with sound, the
acoustician, jazz guitar player, vocalist and composer, is navigating hi...

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Line up:
  • Johannes Käsbach (DE) – guitar, vocals, compositions, arrangements, production
  • Wojciech Morelowski (PL) – trumpet
  • Aleksandra Raczyńska (PL) – violin and vocals
  • Alejandro Gispert (CU) – bass
  • Jan Kadereit (DE) – drums and percussion
  • Sebastian Zawadzki (PL) - piano

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