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Jazz og Bossa m. Bettina Fyen-Andersen og Trio

Vokaljazz DKK 100

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This quartet performs in a swinging jazz and bossa style, with arrangements by Søren Larsen. Søren Larsen is an experienced pianist, with a breadth of experience. He both educates and performs in various different musical contexts, including a bigband, a duo, as well as this quartet; Bettina Fyen-Andersen & JazzT.
Søren Olsen is an experienced drummer and has been a part of the jazz scene through many years. He always steps into character with exciting drumplay and a playful approach to music. Søren has his experience from a broad array of styles, always making you listen.
Stein Larsen plays his agile bass tones close to the beat and loves the playful approach, enveloping the listener in the world of jazz. Stein is, also, an experienced jazz musician, who has played for plenty of years and in many different contexts.
Bettinya Fyen-Andersen is a very experienced jazz singer, and has from a young age sung on both on big and small stages across the country. Her so...

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Line up:
  • Bettina Fyen vokal
  • Søren Larsen piano
  • Søren Olsen trømmer
  • Stein Larsen bas

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