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Ingrid Hagelberg/Mattias Nilsson Duo

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Ingrid Hagelberg
Her International career as a jazz artist has allowed her to collaborate and record in many countries. USA, Mexico. South Africa, Japan and Europe. Performing with Buddy Colette, Luis Peralta (formerly with Dizzy Gillespie) sax player Zbigniev Namyslowski and many more. She has performed at Copenhagen Jazz festival several times. She sings in five Languages.
Mattias Nilsson
This Internationally honored Swedish jazz pianist has established himself as one of Swedens most personal pianists with a very special touch. He has toured the world and played with jazz stars like Butch Miles, Janis Siegel, Sharon Clark. Hesper Thilo and many more.
Ingrid and Mattias promises a very exciting and special afternoon.

Line up:
  • Ingrid Hagelberg vocals
  • Mattias Nilsson piano

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