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Josefine Cronholm & Nikolaj Hess

Vokaljazz DKK 175

Swedish singer Josefine Cronholm residing in Copenhagen and international jazz pianist Nikolaj Hess will perform as a duo for the first time at Cph Jazz Festival this year.

An exciting meeting between two kindred musicians who share a number of common musical focal points, and here for the first time venturing into playing duo together.

The music will be a exciting dive into a deep common denominator of jazz, Scandinavian folk and improvisation with a mutual sense of melodic nerve and presence.

There will be dwelling on beautiful Swedish songs, visits to carefully selected international classics, experiments with originals, and play and improvisation.

Josefine Cronholm
Nikolaj Hess

Line up:
  • Josefine Cronholm - vokal
  • Nikolaj Hess - flygel

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