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Florence Adooni (GH)

Global Roots & Global Voices DKK 240 DKK + gebyr

Directly from Ghana's vibrant music scene, the queen of Frafra gospel invites to a dance party of epic proportions. Florence Adooni combines vital Frafra gospel and pulsating highlife with pop, jazz, festive horns, and lively backing vocals in an infectious music that is impossible to not dance to. During Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2024, she takes over ALICE with her 7-piece high-energy band.

Doors open at 8PM / concert starts at 9PM

Under the name "The queen of Frafra gospel," Florence Adooni is one of the most prominent voices on Ghana's vital Frafra gospel scene, where groups like Alogte Oho & His Sounds of Joy have also flourished. Nevertheless, what is truly special about Adooni is her ability to create encounters between tradition and innovation in her highly danceable music.

Adooni connects the life-affirming Frafra gospel with another of Ghana's strongest and proudest musical traditions: a melodically and rhythmically pulsating highlif...

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