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Cyclic structures interweave like cogwheels behind sonic explorations, flowing and interacting, suddenly cut off by a barrage of junk. Screeching multiphonics create a layer of friction before a cluster of silence.
A long form composition for eight improvising musician dealing with the relation between total
freedom and construction.
The ensemble plays long form compositions by Asger Thomsen, aiming to distill the best of free improvisation and mix it with composed elements. The music unfolds organically with room for original expressions of the individual musicians framed in constructed sequences dealing with many different parameters.

Line up:
  • Timotheé Quost (FR): trumpet/electronics / Sture Ericson (SE): reeds / Michaela Turcerova
  • (SK): reeds / Mika Persdotter (SE): viola / Simon Toldam (DK): keys / Håkon Berre (NO):
  • percussion / Szymon Gasiorek (PL): percussion / Asger Thomsen (DK): double bass,
  • composition

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