Anders Malta All most bigband


True to tradition, our idyllic courtyard is transformed into a meeting place for jazz enthusiasts, where the tones of jazz will flow together with hand-cut smørrebrød and sparkling, cool brews over ten swinging days.

H9 Presents: Anders Malta All most big band
Anders Malta Almost BigBand consists of some of the most talented musicians on the Danish jazz scene. They are carefully selected for their ability to both be strong soloists and at the same time have the flair to be part of an orchestra section. The music is a modern take on big band music and contains elements from Classical music, 50s jazz, Neobop, and modern composition music. The music contains both long composed pieces and more open improvised passages.

The result of that recipe is an explosively well-playing live band with virtuoso soloists and intense interplay.

Line up:
  • Anders Malta Almost BigBand
  • Trompeter:
  • Lars Vissing: Leadtrompet og Flugelhorn
  • Malthe Kaptain: 2. Trompet og Flugelhorn
  • Jonas Due: 3. Trompet og Flugelhorn
  • Tromboner:
  • Tobias Stavngaard: Tenortrombone
  • Julius Rene Ivo Leo: Bastrombone
  • Saxofoner:
  • Christian Holm: Altsax og Fløjte
  • Søren Høst: 1. Tenor og Klarinet
  • Andreas Toftemark: 2. Tenor og Fløjte
  • Jesper Løvdal: Baritonsax og Basklarinet
  • Rytmegruppe:
  • Carl Winther: Piano
  • Rune Fog-Nielsen: Bas
  • Karl Seyer: Trommer

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