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Jazzhus Montmartre , København K

Modern DKK 320

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This quartet has been completed in conjunction. If no single band member appears to stand out as a soloist, it is because they have a way of soloing together at the same time. After a decade, Tonbruket has played countless concerts and always in the same line-up, which is never something that should be taken for granted. It means that they have grown together into a unit, a perfectly oiled machine that can produce the grooves and yet can also defy expectations with their poetic lightness. They have made four highly acclaimed studio albums on the German label ACT, each of which received a Swedish Grammy. When Tonbruket is playing live they move from lulling and sensitive folk through playful and hip jazz, and onwards to outward rock tendencies. Be prepared to experience a Swedish Quartet of high quality that really manages to take the listener along on a musical journey through the various sound waves of jazz.

Line up:
  • Dan Berglund (Bass / SE)
  • Martin Hederos (Piano/Keys / SE)
  • Johan Lindström (Guitar / SE)
  • Andreas Werliin (Drums/Perc / SE)

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