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FÅ BILLETTER - X-MAS 2018 at Alice: The Kutimangoes w. special guests

ALICE cph , København N

World/Folk DKK 160 kr inkl gebyr

No advance tickets

To celebrate the very first year of ALICE and of course the Christmas time, we have invited The KutiMangoes to create a special concert. Hailed for their sparkling mix of afrobeat and jazz - which the band themselves have described like a meeting between Fela Kuti, Charles Mingus and Ornette Coleman in Copenhagen - they have thrilled crowds all around the world. Their recent album, ‘Made in Africa’, truly showcased the band’s potential for groovy and poetic afro jazz. For the Christmas show, they will invite a range of guests who will help to create a very unique night filled with ecstatic music, surprises and Christmas magic!

Line up:
  • Michael Blicher - saxophones and flute
  • Gustav Rasmussen - trombones and guitar
  • Aske Drasbæk - saxophones
  • Johannes Buhl Andresen - fender rhodes and moog bass
  • Casper Mikkelsen/Eddi Jarl - drums
  • Magnus Jochumsen - percussion
  • Jonas Petersen - special guest
  • Rasmus Stolberg - special guest
  • Per Vers - special guest

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