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Szymon Gąsiorek and much more

5e / Mandagsklubben, København V

Experimental Free Jazz Avantgarde DKK 80 kr,- one show / 100 kr,- all night

No advance tickets

kl 19 Sarah-Jane Summers - Kalopsia (album release)

Sarah-Jane Summers - solo viola

kalopsia - the delusion of things being more beautiful than they are

The extremes of expression and sound on viola and Hardanger fiddle are explored by Sarah-Jane on her latest album Kalopsia, which follows on from her highly successful album of improvisations, VIRR, Fiona Talkington’s Album of the Year 2017, Late Junction, BBC Radio 3. “a howling gale, brilliantly evoked” (The Wire) The music utilises a vast range of contemporary and extended violin techniques to create sonic portraits of a truly unique and independent artist with a deep passion for sound in and of itself. Sarah-Jane is fascinated by the point where sound feels like it is starting to disintegrate, by its vulnerability and by the surprising strength within that vulnerability.To her, kalopsia represents the confusion that arises when contemplating beauty. We think we understand what it i...

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Line up:
  • Sarah-Jane Summers - Kalopsia (album release)
  • Sarah-Jane Summers - solo viola
  • Aumayr / Koefoed:
  • Christian Aumayr: guitar
  • Jacob Koefoed: guitar
  • E/I
  • Nicole Hogstrand - cello
  • Asger Thomsen - double bass
  • Gianluca Elia - tenor saxophone
  • Michał Biel - baritone saxophone
  • Henrik Pultz Melbye - tenor saxophone
  • Szymon Pimpon Gąsiorek - prepared drum set, percussion
  • Morten Carlsens 3 out of 30
  • Morten Carlsen - sax- taragot
  • Tomo Jacobson - bass
  • Frands Rifbjerg - drums
  • Zeuthen / Jacobson/ Osgood
  • Jesper Zeuthen - sax
  • Tomo Jacobson - bass
  • Kresten Osgood - drums
  • Marthe Lea Band
  • Marthe Lea - sax
  • Andreas Røysum - clarinet
  • Hans Kjorstad - violin
  • Egil Kalman - bass
  • Kresten Osgood - drums

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