The concert has finished

Cancelled! (Nihiloxica (UG) + Kampire (UG))

ALICE cph , København N

Experimental Electronic World/Folk DKK 140 inkl. gebyr

No advance tickets

This concert has been cancelled.


Spooky-J and pq corrupt the Nilotica Cultural Ensemble with techno sensibilities and a whole load of darkness! Nihiloxica creates a darker take on traditional Bugandan drumming. The band is comprised of seven percussionists with instruments such as djembe, Namunjoloba and binghi togehter with one kit drummer combined with an analog synth player. The group has released two records on the hyped ugandian label Nyege Nyege Tapes, the Kampala based label exploring, producing and releasing outsider music from around the region and beyond. Nihiloxicas second release, “Biiri”, sees them descending deeper into the depths of Bugandan techno. By focusing even more on the indigenous; by utilizing the natural impetus of Bugandan rhythms such as the loping, bipolar Baksimba groove, Nihiloxica unleash the full force of ancient tradition. The group opened the Apollo stage at Roskilde Festival in 2018 with a breathtaking performanc...

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