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Cykada (UK) + Debre Damo Dining Orchestra

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Cykada have forged a unique and infectious sound. Combine electronic and live music with global inspiration from West Africa to Eastern Europe, throw in some beats and riddims of soundsystem culture, the spontaneity of jazz and we have a new dynamic mashup unlike anything previously witnessed.

Line up:
  • Jamie Benzies (bass)
  • Tile Gigichi-Lipere (keys/programming)
  • Timmy Doyle (drums)
  • Axel Kaner-Lidstrom (trumpet)
  • James Mollison (saxophone)
  • Javi Perez (guitar)
  • ---
  • Søren Skov: Sax
  • Peder Mertner Vind: Keys
  • Simon Abrahamsson: Bass
  • Mads T. Jensen: drums
  • Morten Grønvad: Vibraphone