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Jazz Tributaries meet Art Blakey

Jazzhus Montmartre , København K

No advance tickets

2019 is the year the drummer-icon Art Blakey would have turned a hundred years old. We celebrate the birthday by ”re-imagining” some of his biggest Jazz Messenger projects, including new, original lyrics and arrangements. These will celebrate, not only Art Blakey, but also those around him such as Wayne Shorter, Lee Morgan, Bobby Timmons, Curtis Fuller, Freddie Hubbard and more. The music will be presented by an international All-Star constellation, consisting of Jesper Riis on trumpet, Karl-Martin Almqvist playing the tenor sax, Søren Møller on piano, Kristin Korb playing the bass and singing and Karsten Bagge on drums

Students / under 26: Half price

Line up:
  • Jesper Riis (Trumpet / DK)
  • Karl-Martin Almqvist (Tenor Sax / SE)
  • Søren Møller (Piano / DK)
  • Kristin Korb (Bass/Vocal / US)
  • Karsten Bagge (Drums / DK)

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