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Anouar Brahem

Fusion World/Folk DKK Standard 190 kr./ Students 90 kr.

No advance tickets

New spherical jazz landscape with musicians on oud, bass clarinet and bass as well as the Middle Eastern drums darbuka and bendir from the album The Astounding Eyes of Rita.

Anouar Brahem is a Tunisian oud player and composer who is recognised as being an innovator within his field by virtue of his musical fusion of classical Arab music, folk music and jazz. At the concert, there will be a performance of his album The Astounding Eyes of Rita from 2009, which comprises eight numbers for oud, bass clarinet, bass and the two Middle Eastern drums darbuka and bendir.

The concert lasts approx. two hours, including an intermission

Line up:
  • Anouar Brahem, oud
  • Khaled Yassine, darbuka og bendir
  • Klaus Gjesing, basklarinet
  • Björn Meyer, kontrabas

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