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Experimental Electronic Music From Iran

ALICE cph , København N

Electronic World/Folk DKK 120 kr inkl gebyr

No advance tickets

During the last couple of years, an Experimental/Electronic music scene has emerged from Iran including many artists who have released in various great international labels and have had lots of live performances in related festivals around the world. The thing that sounds unique about this scene, is that because of the country’s circumstances, many of these artists have as well chosen to move to different geographies and have experienced different cultures and environments, which has sometimes affected their music and had made it different in combination with their background. The idea behind the showcase is to figure out these differences and similarities in aesthetics and artistic point of views, all emerging just from one scene. This night we’re happy to present four acts of the scene at ALICE.

Rojin Sharafi

Rojin Sharafi is a sound artist and composer of acoustic, electro-acoustic and electronic music based in Vienna.She has been working on differe...

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