Beak> (UK)

Loppen , København K

Experimental Electronic DKK 180 dkk

Formed in Bristol by Geoff Barrow, Billy Fuller and Will Young, BEAK> are a highly acclaimed electronic outfit influenced by psychedelia, krautrock and seventies movie soundtracks.

Initially considered a side project of Geoff's other, hugely influential band, over the past ten years BEAK> have evolved into one the UK's most original and highly regarded acts in their own right and their 2018 album '>>>' was released to universal praise.

"Like the dark sibling of Broadcast, they are the music equivalent of the unrecognisable scream in the forest, the sense of being watched, the catching of something (or someone) in the corner in your eye that disappears when you turn around." – The Quietus

"Their compositions—generally consisting only of bass, drums, voice, and drippy analog synth—are more like extended grooves than songs per se. They move with the relentless propulsion implied by the arrow at the end of Beak>’s name, more likely to se...

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