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Filmvisning: “A Musical Mosaic” + Koncert: Ayi Solomon & Friends - udsolgt

World/Folk DKK 100 kr inkl gebyr

Screening: A Musical Mosaic - Ayi Solomon Documentary (60 min.) + concert

Ayi Solomon is a passionate, highly beloved and respected Ghanain percussionist who has been settled in the Danish music scene since 1985. He has played with a range of different performing musicians and put an important mark on the Danish Jazz scene with his Afro percussion.

In the documentary movie A Musical Mosaic, an honest and personal portrait of the man behind the drums, we will meet several of Solomons collaborators, including Bo Stief, Moussa Diallo, Palle Mikkelborg and Pierre Dørge’s New Jungle Orchestra.

The movie also takes us to Ayi Solomon’s homeland Ghana, where he will play with some of the musicians who joined him when discovering the western music scene, and where it becomes clear how the Ghanaian culture has shaped him and made its mark on his music.

A Musical Mosaic film is a story about a musical journey and a personal encou...

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