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Rudi Mahall/Olaf Rupp/Kasper Tom

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Rudi Mahall is a legendary figure on the international jazz/avantgarde scene. As a member
of Schlippenbach's Globe Unity Orchestra, Monk's Casino and Die Enttäusshung he has
gained a reputation as one the great European improvisors and a unique communicator on
the bass clarinet.
Olaf Rupp plays the guitar like no one else. His very personal style of playing mixing
complex extended techniques with a strong melodic sence and his great command of the
guitar, makes him a strong musical voice and a perfect partner to Mahall.
Over the past decade, Kasper Tom has made his name on the European improv- and
advantgarde-scene. Kasper's playings draws inspiration from modern music, but is also
imbued with a great deal of tradition and a unique sense of melody and flow.
Together the three improvisers join forces on the release ”Rudi Mahall Olaf Rupp Kasper
Tom” out June 28th 2019 on Barefoot Records.

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Line up:
  • Rudi Mahall/Olaf Rupp/Kasper Tom
  • Rudi Mahall – cl/b-cl
  • Olaf Rupp – electric guitar
  • Kasper Tom - drums

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