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Copenhagen Clarinet Choir

Experimental DKK 80 DKK

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The Copenhagen Clarinet Choir was established by Irish clarinetist Carolyn Goodwin. The ensemble challenges the traditional woodwind chamber music format - one instrument is multiplied, thus allowing a diverse group of fearless improvisers to find a united expression. The resulting sound, both homogenous and idiosyncratic, is sculpted by the nuances of the clarinet. The choir features six of Copenhagen’s most prolific musicians– Anders Banke (The Firebirds, New Jungle Orchestra), Francesco Bigoni (Maria Faust, Jim Black) Maria Dybbroe (Køs, Caktus), Jonas Engel (Our Hearts as Thieves, Own Your Bones), Carolyn Goodwin (Thou Sonic Friend, Clang Sayne), Henriette Groth (Lotte Anker, August Engkilde).

Line up:
  • Anders Banke - clarinet
  • Francesco Bigoni - clarinet
  • Maria Dybbroe - clarinet
  • Jonas Engel - clarinet
  • Carolyn Goodwin - clarinet
  • Henriette Groth - clarinet

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