Niels Munk: Fantasilaboratoriet

Modern DKK 95

Fantasilaboratoriet is motivated by the spiritual value in the arts and is a musical project that is experimenting with and testing boundaries. Band leader Niels Munk Petersen explores new musical landscapes through storytelling based on a tradition-bound melodical language, and the project of Fantasilaboratoriet places itself both in the center and in the periphery of the jazz genre. Whereas the jazz is used as a foundation for improvisation, the members of the ensemble find inspiration in modern musical environments and endeavor themselves to never repeat the musical past.

Doors: 7 PM
Concert: 8 PM

Line up:
  • Niels Munk Petersen (Trumpet / DK)
  • Dan Hjorth Jensen (Piano / DK)
  • Jens Mikkel Madsen (Bass / DK)
  • Jonathan Jull Ludvigsen (Drums / DK)

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