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Celebrating Svend: Ellen & Svend Asmussen Prize

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The Ellen & Svend Asmussen Prize is given to an artist selected in the spirit of Svend Asmussen. Since the 1930s, the violinist Svend Asmussen (1916-2017) was an incredibly prominent figure in Danish and international jazz. Throughout his great career, he has made a huge contribution in the shaping of the Danish jazz scene. Asmussen was an artist who was not afraid of musical challenges, and with his enormous talent he was constantly seeking new frontiers.

This evening he is celebrated by artists who, like Asmussen himself, possess an enormous musical curiosity and an uncontrollable desire to play music. Across different genres, Asmussen's everlasting innovative music will be interpreted, and his musical originality will be celebrated by jazz pioneers of today, hereof two of the earlier prizewinners: Jan Lundgren in 2019 and Bjarke Falgren in 2017. The prize is awarded by Svend Asmussen's widow, Ellen Bick Asmussen.
Doors: 6 PM
Concert: 8 PM

Line up:
  • Jacob Fischer (Guitar / DK)
  • Bjarke Falgren (Violin / DK)
  • Jan Lundgren (Piano / SE)
  • Yasser Pino (Bass / CU)
  • Snorre Kirk (Drums / DK)

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