Rasmus Oppenhagen Krogh: Whereabouts

This evening guitarist Rasmus Oppenhagen Krogh presents his latest project "Whereabouts". The project has been on the way for the past few years and culminated with the album of the same name, released in the autumn of 2020. The album marks Krogh's second solo release after the highly acclaimed debut album "Distil" from 2017.
"Whereabouts” explores the intersection between composition/improvisation and simplicity/complexity and the relationship between time and space. The guitar playing floats with great elegance on top of the other instruments, and the improvisations drift through the room with a warmth from the strings of the guitar. The new album "Whereabouts" counts a team of seven musicians, but the music this evening will be presented in a smaller quartet format, with room to explore new corners of the material.

Doors: 19:00
Concert: 20:00

Line up:
  • Rasmus Oppenhagen Krogh (Guitar / DK)
  • Adi Zukanovic (Keys / DK)
  • Anders 'AC' Christensen (Bass / DK)
  • TBA (Drums / DK)

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