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Cathrine Legardh Trio: A Tribute To Monica Z

Traditional DKK 300

Among the country's many fine singers, Cathrine Legardh marks herself as one of the very versatile and brave. She has released children's records, played jazz standards and has on the release "En Sång I En Dröm" dared to give her interpretations - in the original language - of the Swedish icon Monica Zetterlund. And the result is nothing short of breathtaking! Not only does Legardh manage to capture and pass on the magic that was always in Zetterlund's phrasings, she also adds her own sweetness and vocal charm to the songs.

Here she is accompanied by one of the country's highly skilled vocal accompanists, Jacob Christoffersen, and the bassist with the great tone and confident intonation, Jesper Thorn. Among many songs, we can look forward to enjoying “Jag vet en dejlig ros”, “Sakta vi går genom stan”, “Monicas vals” and many more. Come join the celebration of one of Scandinavia's great jazz icons, led by one of Scandinavia's truly notable jazz singers.

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Line up:
  • Cathrine Legardh (Vocal / DK)
  • Jacob Christoffersen (Piano / DK)
  • Jesper Thorn (Bass / DK)

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