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Hogo Fogo - Lars Emil Riis, Spencer Gross, Søren Lund & Michael Dalgas

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The sound of Hogo Fogo’s musical universe could be described as a strange, but intriguing mixture of Nordic Folk, American Jazz and African Funk.

The band describes their own music as a kind of World/ Urban/Soul/Folk instrumental groove music that you can chill out to... in your chair or on the dance floor!

The four musicians, Michael Dalgas (Dr), Lars Emil Riis (Keys), Spencer Gross (Gui) and Søren Lund (Bass) have played together for more than 14 years as a backing band for a wide range of artists. Together they have a natural and effortless musical understanding that often leads them into strange little pockets of sonic and rhythmic exploration.

In 2020 they decided to make their own band and record an album. So they went to a summerhouse in Fyn (Denmark) for a week and improvised, which resulted in a fully co-written musical adventure. The album "Repeat" was releas...

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