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Camille Bertault & Thomas Fonnesbæk

Swing Vocal DKK 120 / 100

Once in a while it happens that a new voice emerges, with the ability to captivate a whole world. A voice with qualities so unique and so breathtaking that everyone must give in and indulge in the melodiousness. This is what happened a few years ago when the young French singer Camille Bertault uploaded some homemade videos onto Youtube. Here, she is singing in such a unisonally manner with iconic instrumental solos, performed by artists such as John Coltrane, Hermeto Pascoal, Cory Henry and more. Camille Bertaults crystal clear voice, perfect phrasings and endearing charm on these homemade recordings made her a Youtube-darling in no time and we have all been waiting for a chance to hear her sing live.
Luckily, we have succeeded to convince this French nightingale to come to Denmark and perform as a duo with the Danish bassist Thomas Fonnesbæk. An instrumentalist whose sense of the bass’ opportunities seems endless. He instinctively chooses the correct tones at the correct mo...

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Line up:
  • Camille Bertault (voc)
  • Thomas Fonnesbøk (b)

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