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Misceo (PL/FI/DK)

Modern DKK 130

The idea to create Misceo arose out of a need to build a bridge between two worlds. In the autumn of 2017, Frederik Bülow and Joasia Cieslak Misceo merged a piano trio with a duo of classical string instrumentalists. The group Misceo therefore represents new paths that blur existing lines of musical styles with the group's own original compositions that are completely out of the ordinary and extremely captivating.

The band brings together instrumentalists from three different European countries: Finland, Poland, and Denmark. Frederik Bülow on drums, Adrian Christensen on double bass, Artturi Rönkä on piano, Joasia Cieslak on cello and Kern Westerberg on violin. In May 2020, the group's first album was released along with three singles by AMP Music & Records. We can therefore look forward to a group of highly current international musicians who are extremely passionate about their music and are ready to deliver a night to remember at Jazzhus Montmartre.


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Line up:
  • Joasia Cieslak (Cello / PL)
  • Kern Westerberg (Violin / DK)
  • Aartturi Rönka (Piano / FI)
  • Adrian Christensen (Bass / DK)
  • Frederik Bülow (Drums / DK)

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