Cæcilie Norby's Jazzy Christmas

Vocal DKK 430

True to tradition, Cæcilie Norby returns to celebrate Christmas with a bang at Montmartre! This year, Cæcilie's all-star quartet will be joined by Jan Lundgren on piano, and there are new inputs to the repertoire of Norby's specially selected Christmas songs.

Cæcilie Norby is not only among the elite of Scandinavia's jazz singers with 15 DMA nominations behind her, but also a leading and critically acclaimed artist on the entire European jazz scene with a streak of releases on both the legendary record company Blue Note and now on the prestigious German record company ACT. She has repeatedly introduced the audience to fantastic and versatile vocal music.

At these five unique Christmas concerts, the audience is invited up close to world-class interaction and improvisation. With her is a Swedish deluxe quintet: Ulf Wakenius is a jazz guitarist by the grace of God, who sat on the most coveted jazz guitarist chair for 10 years, namely in the Oscar Peterson ...

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Line up:
  • Cæcilie Norby (Vocal / DK)
  • Ulf Wakenius (Guitar / SE)
  • Jan Lundgren (Piano / SE)
  • Lars Danielsson (Bass/Cello / SE)
  • Magnus Öström (Drums / SE)

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