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Jakob Dinesen Kvartet

Traditional DKK 280

Tenor saxophonist Jakob Dinesen is one of Danish jazz 'unsung heroes. He has been an active musician in small as well as larger formats for the past 30 years and has always delivered. Regardless of genre, Dinesen manages to go in and enhance the music with his beautiful tone, his distinguished overview, and his ability to express the soul of jazz.

Here we get a rare chance to enjoy Jakob Dinesen's golden tones in close collaboration with three equally audible musicians in a repertoire that includes both own and classical standards. You should lean back, close your eyes and let yourself be seduced by Jakob Dinesen's sensual and almost erotic musical language.

Doors: 6 PM
Concert: 8 PM
Our restaurant is open before the concert

Line up:
  • Jakob Dinesen (Tenor Sax / DK)
  • Zier Romme (Piano / DK)
  • Anders 'AC' Christensen (Bass / DK)
  • Frands Rifbjerg (Drums / DK)

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