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Jesper Thilo 80 Years Celebration

Traditional DKK 320

Jesper Thilo has always been there. He has almost become synonymous with the concept of jazz in Denmark. Jesper Thilo has also been “Mr. Tenorsax” in Denmark for most of half a century. Whatever format Thilo moves in, he manages to make the overall musical expression his own. He is at his best in mainstream jazz, and few can, like Jesper Thilo, convey the joy of this golden genre like him. Even fewer master all the surrounding genres with a similar authority.

We’ll be taking through all of the captivating universe of mainstream jazz; from hefty up-tempo and breathtaking swinging medium-tempo to the flattering ballads. All delivered by musicians who live with and in the music, and who always give the audience the best from all shelves.
At these concerts, marking Jesper Thilo's 80 years on this planet, we meet him in his favorite quartet format with his regular group. Three musicians who have the same musical approach as the conductor, and who know how to bac...

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Line up:
  • Jesper Thilo (Tenor Sax / DK)
  • Olivier Antunes (Piano / DK)
  • Anders Fjeldsted (Bass / DK)
  • Janus Templeton (Drums / DK)
  • 8/12: Pelle Von Bülow (Guitar / DK)
  • 9/12: Tomas Franck (Tenor Sax / SE)

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