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Marcela Lucatelli’s Brazilian Songbook

Experimental Vocal DKK 70 + gebyr

Marcela Lucatelli’s Brazilian Songbook is an intensive collision between the global north and south, between the Euro sublime and postcolonial alacrity, between slow violence and immediate thrills, between the work of art and the art of living. It is a work of experimental samba and bossa nova that drags the concert hall out into the carnival. Feeding on tropicália, jazz, punk, no-wave and “the avant-garde” and running them through the evermore ravenous motor of contemporary globalisation, Lucatelli and her players have suffused each second of this record with the corporal desire for an alterity that exposes the fragility of identity by way of a heartbroken ecstasy. From the favelas of Rio to the “ghetto” neighbourhoods of Copenhagen, from the gentrified welfare states, to the extraction sites on pilfered indigenous land, Marcela Lucatelli’s Brazilian Songbook traverses the logistical fantasies of capitalist imperialism very late in its reign and offers the caress of life ...

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Line up:
  • Marcela Lucatelli (vokal)
  • Maria Faust (saxofon)
  • Erik Kimestad (trompet)
  • Kristian Tangvik (tuba)
  • Jeppe Zeeberg (klaver)
  • Henrik Olsson (guitar)
  • Brandon Lopez (kontrabas)
  • Kresten Osgood (trommer)