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ILK Sessions #9 - Yngel + Myhr/Lønning/Danstrup/Mazur

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ILK/Blowout sessions December 5th & 7th 2021

In the series of Nordic Collaborating bands you will find bass player Peter Danstrup with an exciting group of Danish and Norwegian musicians: Eivind Lønning (trumpet), Helga Myhr (hardangerfele), Marilyn Mazur (drums) and Peter Danstrup (bass guitar).
Helga Myhr has taken the Norwegian folklore instrument hardangerfele – a different form of the violin with added sympathetic strings – into the improv music in a convincing way, Lønning’s trumpet playing, often in combination with electronics, has already given him international acknowledgement and Marilyn Mazur has long ago established her name at the global jazz scene, having played with the absolute jazz elite when she joined the bands of Miles Davis and Wayne Shorter in the 1980’ies. Danstrup joined Mazur for a long period of time in bands like Six Winds and Mazur/Markussen Group. Today he is also one of the most diligent composer...

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Line up:
  • 20:00
  • Yngel
  • 21:00
  • Helga Myhr (NO) - Hardangerfele
  • Eivind Lønning (NO) - trumpet
  • Peter Danstrup (DK) - bass
  • Marilyn Mazur (NO) - percussion & drums

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