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The pianist, composer and painter Carsten Dahl is a man with many dishes in the oven. This latest is certainly one of the most alluring to lovers of his music. Dahl has called in three musicians, each of whom masters their own expression to perfection, and together they are seeking the sublime on these three exclusive concerts.

Everyone in the group is both composing musicians and playing composers. Dahl wants to create a unique platform for music, which draws inspiration from the references of the individual members, and which draws on the sum of everyone's input and experiences in the authentic moment. A monophonic, polyphonic journey that cannot fail to become a hard-swinging melting pot.

Carsten Dahl's unique desire and ability to create great music is here given the optimal opportunities to once again give the audience the great and sparkling musical experience.

Doors: 6 PM
Concert: 8 PM
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Line up:
  • Carsten Dahl (Piano / DK)
  • Jerry Bergonzi (Tenor Sax / US)
  • Anders Jormin (Bass / SE)
  • Adam Nussbaum (Drums / US)

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