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Regnfang exists in the borderland between the improvising language of jazz and the soundscapes of indie rock. The music draws threads to i.a. the Nordic jazz tradition and the melodic universe of the danish songbook. Regnfang’s songs are inspired by the Scandinavian weather, landscape, and poetry. There are tracks that describe experiences and moods - from large underground railway stations in Sweden to reflections of the finest yellow summer flowers that grow by the roadside.
In June 2021, Regnfang released their debut album "Fuglene Flyver", and the group was one of the four selected finalists for this year's edition of the jazz competition. Regnfang consists of Niels de Fine Olivarius on trumpet, Christian Holm-Svendsen on saxophone and clarinet, William Steffensen on guitar, Emil Madsen on bass and Nikolaj Bangsgaard on drums.

Regnfang is one of the four finalists in Jazzkonkurrencen 2020 and has in that context been given the possibility to perfom as a head...

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Line up:
  • Niels De Fine Olivarius (Trumpet / DK)
  • Christian Holm-Svendsen (Tenor Sax/Clarinet / DK)
  • William Steffensen (Guitar / DK)
  • Emil Madsen (Bass / DK)
  • Nikolaj Bangsgaard (Drums / DK)

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