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Experimental DKK 100

The music from the Aalborg based group Xhud draws on sounds from the ambient and experimental genre. It is a project that explores the interplay between emotions and spaces in music and art, and which therefore results in contemporary and modern jazz compositions. The music is even performed with vivid, graphic drawings that are part of the group's artistic expression. The graphic element has become a major feature of the band and has seriously put a big emphasis on the originality of their musical project.

The band was established during the first corona lockdown, which gave them an incredible peaceful time for creative immersion and not the least a lot of time to refine the project and bring the graphic and musical ideas to life. The result is a musical project, which reached all the way to the finals of the Jazz Competition 2021, and which is seriously pushing the boundaries of modern jazz.

Xhud is one of the four finalists in Jazzkonkurrencen 2020 and ...

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Line up:
  • Glen Montanaro (Guitar / DK)
  • Anders Bak Julsgaard (Drums / DK)
  • Jan Sedlák (Bass / DK)
  • Mathilde Bistrup (Visuals / DK)

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