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Casper Hejlesen is a young award-winning guitarist and composer from North Jutland. During his 22-years, he has received awards such as "North Jutland Jazz Name of the Year 2019", "Piano Voice Music Prize 2019".

Hejlesen, who now lives in Amsterdam, released his critically acclaimed debut album "Overture" in 2020, featuring some of the big upcoming names from the Danish jazz scene. The album describes Hejlesen's upbringing in the North Jutland idyll, but is describes also the moods from a chaotic life as an artist. On this evening, Casper Hejlesen will be accompanied by 3 young super talents from the European jazz scene, in the form of the Danish trumpeter Jonas Due, the Swedish bassist Gustav Broman and the German drummer Dominic Harrison. The style is difficult to define, but the inspiration draws on Scandinavia's atmospheric and sometimes avant-garde ambience, but at the same time great inspiration is also taken from indie artists such as Andy Shauf and Mac DeMarco.

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Line up:
  • Casper Hejlesen (Guitar / DK)
  • Jonas Due (Trumpet / DK)
  • Gustav Broman (Bass / SE)
  • Dominic Harrison (Drums / DE)

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