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Modern Electronic DKK 120

døssing is a newly formed sibling trio consisting of Jon, Aske and Mathilde Døssing Bendixen. Musically, they move within instrumental jazz, which is greatly emphasized by a playful approach as well as an unmistakable chemistry in their compositions and expressions on stage. When you as a listener are introduced to døssing, it is clear that the trio comes from a background where music and the creative touch have been a deeply rooted part of their life’s. As children of the folktronica pioneers from Sorten Muld and with their upbringing in the community of Toustrup Mark in East Jutland, the trio have received music, community and co-creation from childhood.

døssing's musical universe invites the audience to sit back in the chair and let their thoughts flow, and at other times to loosen up on the dance floor. With keys, synthesizers and effect machines on trombone and vocals, døssing’s music is approaching the meeting between the electronic and the analogue, thus ...

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Line up:
  • Mathilde Døssing Bendixen (Vocal/Trombone / DK)
  • Jon Døssing Bendixen (Keys/Synthesizer / DK)
  • Aske Døssing Bendixen (Percussion / DK)

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