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Blues Traditional DKK 210

This evening invites you to a double concert with two fantastically catchy groups.

The evening begins with a trio led by one of Denmark's coolest guitarists. Niclas Knudsen is known for always delivering 100% whenever he goes on stage. Whether it's in the powerful cross-over trio Ibrahim Electric or as the leader of a slightly more subdued trio. His changeable playing can go from a heartfelt whispering to an aggressively roaring during a concert, and one is never prepared for when it happens. The two fellow musicians, AC on bass and Mikkel Hess on drums, make sure that Knudsen's feet remain on the floor of the stage, ensuring that he won’t fly away towards the stars.

The evening's second concert is with saxophonist Emil Hess in front. The album Emil Hess Evolution Stories was brilliantly received, and the critics stood in line to give their praises. The album's terrific mix of tangible acoustic post-bebop with the rhythmic power of fusion jazz results in...

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Line up:
  • 1. SET:
  • Niclas Knudsen (Guitar / DK)
  • Anders 'AC' Christensen (Bass / DK)
  • Mikkel Hess (Drums / DK)
  • 2. SET:
  • Emil Hess (Tenor Sax / DK)
  • Thomas Fryland (Trumpet / DK)
  • Steen Hansen (Trombone / DK)
  • Thomas Clausen (Piano / DK)
  • Graig Earle (Bass / CA)
  • Karsten Bagge (Drums / DK)

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