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Favorite Things: Theon Cross (UK)

Modern Electronic Fusion World/Folk Funk/Soul DKK 120 / 60 (studerende)

Theon Cross is one of those rare musicians whose vision has redefined their instrument. Through his combination of technical mastery, studio smarts, deep musical knowledge and expansive vision, the power and originality of Theon’s playing has reinvented the tuba’s place in modern music.

His new album,Intra-I (meaning ‘Within Self ’) syntheses the diversity of his musical art and experience to deliver an essential message to a world gripped by tribulation. Across ten sonically divergent and bass-rich tracks, Intra-I explores themes of self-reliance, origins, identity & more. An exploratory and celebration of Afro-Diaspora Music, the album features songs that examine self-development (‘We Go Again’), the importance of history and heritage (‘Stay Rooted’) and the strength in adversity shown by the first generations of post-war Caribbean immigrants to the UK.

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