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Experimental Electronic World/Folk Avantgarde DKK Forsalg: Studerende 60,00 / Ikke studerende 100,00 Salg i døren: Studerende 80,00 / Ikke studerende 120,00

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Welcome to a fun night at Studenterhus Odense. Rumpistol, Spejderrobot, Emil de Waal and Niclas Knudsen have merged as the group Kalaha, and they play an unique mix of jazz, afro and electronic music. Recently Kalaha was nominated for Danish Music Award.

"With an artist name like Kalaha and an album titled 'Hahaha', we are not lead to take this Danish quartet seriously, but the aim to mix electronic music with jazz and afro runs deep among Rumpistol, Spejderrobot, Emil de Waal and Niclas Knudsen. The debut shows bold, colorful and comprehensive interpretations of the members' backdrop, from Rumpistol's dull melancholy 'Amar' to Emil de Waal and Spejderrobot's hyperactive 'K-Sounds.' This is serious business but although the album is readily available, no one will get bored. "
~ Soundvenue

Pre sale: Student 60.00 / Non student 100.00
Sales in the door: Students 80.00 / Non student 120.00
Mandatory wardrobe: 20.00


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Line up:
  • Rumpistol
  • Spejderrobot
  • Emil de Waal
  • Niclas Knudsen

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