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Metronomen , Frederiksberg

World/Folk DKK 50 kr.

No advance tickets

In the crossection between the lightly flowing and the great and heavy, we find the folk trio Hvalfugl - a band that have created a sound that is entirely their own through beautiful melodies inspired by both the Danish and the Swedish folk music tradition.
In this universe the sun can shine from a clear sky, and the rain can fall from a dark grey November cloud. Hvalfugl’s original compositions are both beautiful and melancholic, and from their first note they create an intimate atmosphere in the space they inhabit with their music.

“The music of Hvalfugl is so damn beautiful. The trio’s debut album By stakes out territory where Scandinavian folk and Nordic Jazz share a border, which means you’re gonna get some lovely melodic imagery set in an environment where a thick, moody ambiance has all kinds of potency.(...)” (Dave Sumner, Jazzblog Bird Is The Worm)

Line up:
  • Anders Juel Bomholt (kontrabas)
  • Jeppe Lavsen (guitar)
  • Jonathan Fjord Bredholt (piano, harmonium)

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