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Kovacs & Dyberg

Metronomen , Frederiksberg

Experimental Free Jazz Vocal Avantgarde DKK 80 kr. / 40 kr. for studerende

No advance tickets

Lose yourself in tales told through expressive vocals and lyrical saxophone. Danish-Hungarian Kamilla Kovacs and Danish-Swedish Mia Dyberg are among the most interesting young voices on the danish jazz/improv-stage with the ability to explore both jazz, folk music and daring experiments. In their duo project, they've found their own language where haunting saxophone and soulful vocals interact in an expressive and poetic way. At times with a raw and more free-jazzed energy, other times soft and almost minimalistic. The duo has performed internationally with several concerts in Egypt, Germany and Sweden.

"Kovacs & Dyberg are a duo that taps into a dimension that is not the norm in jazz. With only saxophone and voice to establish the parameters of their music, they twist and turn the lines that are both composed and improvised as if – Kovacs became Dyberg and visa versa. Their music is both enchanting and soulful” - Greg Cohen.

Line up:
  • Kamilla Kovacs vokal
  • Mia Dyberg saxofon

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