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Alex Stuart Quartet (AU)

Metronomen , Frederiksberg

Modern World/Folk DKK 50 kr

No advance tickets

New album 'AFTERMATH' out now.
'Undoubtedly one of the most important works of 2017' - Sebastien Helary - Nextbop

The critically acclaimed guitarist releases his fourth album 'Aftermath'.
An album inspired by the dark turning point the world is facing today, but also by the omnipresent and evident beauty that surrounds us. His compositions are influenced as much by the urban landscapes of Paris as the wild coasts of Australia. These are the inspirations for "Aftermath", intuitive music which defies boundaries, blending jazz, rock, pop, groove and world music.

Line up:
  • Alex Stuart - Guitar
  • TBA - Bass
  • TBA - Drums
  • TBA - Sax

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