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Live on Vinyl & Dansk Fløde – udsolgt

Jazzhus Montmartre , København K

Modern Electronic DKK 150

No advance tickets

This is a unique chance to experience a concert being cut directly on vinyl. Each set lasts 12 minutes - exactly the time available on a 10" vinyl. No1 from Nordsø Records will be the vinyl cut master, who will perform the delicate art of cutting a vinyl record whilst music is playing.

Live on Vinyl is a battle between the acoustic and electronic. Between the planned themes and the unpredictable. An intense fight for getting as much juice on the vinyl as possible. The musical style will present electric and acoustic elements, spiced up with spoken words and singing. Live on Vinyl has played at Pumpehuset and Roskilde Festival (The headphone concert). Cause the vinyl machine is so heavy and cumbersome, it’s only the 2nd official concert in Copenhagen, besides a series of closed concerts in the band’s studio Freezone Sound Design.

Line up:
  • JULIA WERUP (Vocals/Spoken Word / SE)
  • BJØRN VIDØ (Guitar/Concept / DK)
  • PETER STENBÆK (Percussion / DK)
  • SIMON LITTAUER (Modular Synth / DK)
  • RASMUS JUEL (Trumpet / DK)
  • SIMON DYHR (Bass / DK)
  • MIKAEL FLERON (Baritone Sax / DK)
  • MARTE SCHAU (Vocals / NO)
  • OLE STENUM (Synth / DK)
  • KRISTOFFER RAASTED (Percussion/Modular Synth / DK)
  • LARS NYBO (Drums / DK)
  • NO1 (Cut Master / DK)
  • JESPER “JOKEREN” DAHL (Spoken Word/Rap / DK)

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